Publicatie Discover Benelux – 25 augustus 2014

Interviewee: Kees van de Stad, founder and owner of the company


Speeding ahead with the wind in the sails

Satellite Yacht Design is renowned for their high performance sailing yachts. Founded in 1996, the agency is responsible for producing over 150 boats in a range of eight to twenty-five metres that are now sailing on national and international waters.

Owner Kees van de Stadt designs for private owners and companies in a modern or classical style, but all within the premise of absolute safety, fast speeds and comfort. His customers are people that predominantly sail the world and who want a custom-made boat – for example with a retractable keel to get into shallow harbours or sail closer to shore. On the other hand Kees van de Stadt also designs for competitive sailors who want a fast and exciting boat.

As a keen sailor himself, with a background in competitive sailing, Kees van de Stadt has a strong affinity with his designs. “When I draw something, I’ll know how it will feel on board and this helps me to pick the right materials,” he says. Most of his designs are built with composites and aluminium, the client always makes the final decision on what is used. Both materials allow for light weight yachts that are also comfortable.

Kees van de Stadt finds it important to have personal contact with each client and has made the conscious decision to keep his company small. This way all the detailed requests from clients will be included in the design. Personal contact is especially important in the Chinese market, where Satellite Yacht Design has been active for years. In case of bigger projects, Kees van de Stadt will work together with interior designers and constructors.

Currently, Kees van de Stadt is working on a 29ft yacht, the New D29, a project commissioned by New Dimension Yachts who asked him to design a new concept. He says, “The New D29 is aimed at people who enjoy sailing but also want a unique design with quality and comfort”.

The look of the New D29 is defined by the high side decks, modern lines and reverse bow. A lot of attention had been paid to details like the furler underneath the deck, a flush hatch, changeable colour LED-lights it’s finished with high quality materials. Instead of a traditional look, it has a trendy and warm interior.

The New D29 stands out from the competition because it’s taken inspiration from modern trends and lifestyle. It is expected to be on sale from mid-2015.